cover, Last Dance: black and white image of a murdered man lying at the bottom of a staircase


"It's the best account of the who, what and why of murder in Canada ever published"

The Globe and Mail




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The Last Dance

Murder in Canada

Murder – Canada's most violent and frightening crime – has more than doubled since 1965. What has caused this alarming increase? What can we do about it? Does the severity of the punishment really have any deterrent effect on those who commit the crime?

In this controversial book, The Last Dance, noted criminologist Neil Boyd examines the chilling reality of murder in our society. Who murders? Who are the victims? What motivates a killer? Drawing on capital case files, police reports and interviews with forty convicted murderers, Neil Boyd has written a thorough and compelling study of the phenomenon of murder in Canada.

"Bravo! The most fascinating legal book published this year. Neil Boyd has given us gripping stories of murder and compelling insights as to why Canadians do it."

Clayton C. Ruby, noted criminal lawyer and civil rights advocate

"...a significant contribution to the inevitable debate over what kind of criminal justice system Canada will have in the future"

The Montreal Gazette

Prentice Hall Canada, Inc., 1988
ISBN 0-13-523887-0