Big Sister by Neil Boyd


"a wonderfully argued, magnificently readable book about how excess zeal can backfire on the progress of legitimate movements such as gender equality.......a wake-up call for those who really care about equality"

Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, University of California-Irvine

"In detailing an array of disconcerting recent cases, he makes the point that if the public debate over the effects of extreme feminism has cooled, the risk it poses to civil rights in the U.S. and Canada has not."




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Big Sister

How Extreme Feminism Has Betrayed the Fight for Sexual Equality

In the past few decades, women have taken their rightful place in universities, in the workplace, and in society. But there is a darker side to the feminist movement.

Big Sister exposes the ideology of radical feminists, backed by extensive research and shocking true examples. In Big Sister's new world, a man creates a hostile work environment with a photo of his bikini-clad wife on his desk. A father is found guilty after his adult daughter claims sexual abuse as a child, without a shred of evidence to back up her "recovered memory." A woman may murder her husband and call it self-defense under the banner of Battered Women's Syndrome, even if she was in no imminent danger.

Big Sister is a thoughtful look at how extremists have led us astray and how we might achieve true gender equality.

"Boyd is writing about academics, but he does not write like one. That, combined with a certain acerbity, makes Big Sister a good read....well-intended, constructive and well-informed....its larger goal, to promote a feminism that is more inclusive and just a little more playful, may make Boyd more converts than enemies"

Globe and Mail

"Neil Boyd is evidently a very courageous fellow, for he has written a book that accuses radical feminists of perverting the course of what he believes to be the most important social movement of the last century....Mr. Boyd's prose hums along elegantly, and readers may find themselves thinking, as I did, If even Canadian Ph.Ds are worried about feminist excesses, perhaps there's hope of us all finding common ground eventually..."

Wall Street Journal

Greystone Books, 2004
ISBN 1-55365-001-8