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"a genuine tour de force"

Canadian Journal of Criminology

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The Beast Within

Why Men Are Violent

In every country and in every age, men have committed 90 percent of all violent crimes. Are environmental factors to blame, or is biology at the root of the problem? What role does testosterone play? And what can be done about male violence? Criminologist Neil Boyd tackles these and other questions in this thoughtful, provocative, and controversial book. The Beast Within is essential reading for anyone concerned about violence in our society.

"...a bold step forward in the understanding of violence and its prevention by combining both heart and mind...This thought-provoking book sheds a welcome light on a murky issue and should be read by anyone concerned about violence"

The Globe and Mail 

"Synthesizing insights from social scientists and evolutionists, Boyd takes a big step towards a more sophisticated understanding of male violence."

Dr. Martin Daly, Department of Psychology, McMaster University

Greystone Books, 2000
ISBN 1-55054-766-6